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Mini-Excavation Experts in Montreal, on the North Shore and the South Shore.

When landscaping your yard, you may come across surprises like a huge rock or debris in the ground. If you want to move a tree or dig to build or repair a garage drain, everything is possible with us.  Asphalt Elite offers mini-excavation services for all types of work in Montreal, on the North Shore and the South Shore.

For all your excavation needs in the residential and commercial sector, our company will make it a duty to perform the necessary work professionally to satisfy you. We put at your disposal all our expertise and know-how for superior and safe excavation services. It is essential that you have a solid foundation to accommodate plain paving, asphalt paving or any other product. For this reason, we are committed to strengthening the structure of your foundations as much as possible with our mini-excavation service. Our professional and attentive team will carry out the work meticulously for maximum safety.


Expert in mini-excavation, our company has excellent tools and professional skills to carry out your excavation work in the best conditions. We carry out excavations of any kind in the following situations:


Mini-excavation for the creation or extension of a parking entrance.

Mini-excavation for French drain.

Mini-excavation for garage drain.

Mini-excavation for ditch.

Mini-excavation for concrete demolition.

Mini-excavation for curbstone.

Mini-excavation of any kind.

Excavator parked at the site


Thanks to our expertise, we can work in open and easily accessible locations as well as in locations with very limited space.
No matter your project, we will have the solution in terms of Mini-excavation.

Whatever the nature of your work, when it comes to excavation work, each municipality prescribes the standards in force according to their by-laws; we must comply with them and it is our responsibility to find out. Before starting your work, Asphalt Elite makes sure to make the required checks withInfo-Excavation so that the place where we will excavate is not obstructed by any underground network cables such as :

Electrical cables, Gas lines, Telephone wiring, Television cables or
Other underground facilities

Why is it important to carry out a quality excavation ?

Several problems may appear with French drains, water infiltration or foundations and excavation is the best solution to remedy it.

When laying asphalt, we perform excavation to make your surface thicker and stronger.

Small or large-scale excavation must be carried out by a professional. A poorly performed excavation creates damage to the field, which will lead to larger work afterwards. Good quality excavation requires experience and a lot of precision.

Yellow mini excavator digging fence foundation between construction site buildings

Are you looking for an expert in mini-excavation ?

No matter the size of your project, we are here for you!

Your satisfaction is important to us.

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